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Helping people in the slums of India

Asha are an organisation operating in the slums of India to work with the urban poor to bring about long-term and sustainable transformation to their quality of life. Originally started in 1988 by a young doctor trying to treat cholera sufferers in one of the slums of Delhi they have now expanded and currently work in over 95 of the 750 slum colonies in Delhi, with more than 700,000 inhabitants.

Slum dwellers are vulnerable to the effects of disease, poverty and despair and Asha work to motivate and empower people, giving them the confidence and ability to work together and influence their fellow slum residents, council officials, police, school authorities and others.

They aim to improve all aspects of slum dwellers’ lives – food, education, sanitation, healthcare, land rights and more – and have become an essential source in improving so many people’s lives.

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