About Crisis at Christmas

Every Christmas since 1967, national charity Crisis has mobilised a unique volunteering effort to provide warmth, companionship, and vital services to people facing homelessness at one of the toughest times of the year. This Christmas, they will be providing hotel accommodation for people who would otherwise be sleeping rough across London. They will also support thousands more people in insecure accommodation – such as hostels and B&BS – across England, Wales and Scotland, providing food, companionship and support to leave homelessness behind for good.

This year they expect to see high demand as the cost of living crisis pushes more people into poverty. Crisis’ analysis shows that the poorest 10% of single households are spending, on average, 149% of their monthly post-tax income on rent, energy and food. With just the basic costs of living now pushing people beyond the brink into unsustainable debt, the charity is warning that thousands more people could be made homeless – and many forced onto the streets.

Crisis estimates that next year 300,000 households could be pushed into homelessness – making its services at Christmas and through the rest of the year more vital than ever.

The Funding

In keeping with their aim of tackling food poverty, The Jansen Foundation is supporting the provision of food in Crisis’ Women’s Centre in London, a hotel specifically for up to 50 female guests who need to stay in a women’s-only space. Many guests are survivors of domestic abuse and the provision of a safe, secure space for them to stay is essential in their journey out of homelessness. Crisis is working with The Felix Project to provide three hot meals a day and all the festive snacks and treats.

As well as their own warm, secure room, companionship, activities, and wellbeing services including healthcare and hairdressers, our guests at the hotel will be given their own case worker from Crisis’ year-round services who provide one-to-one support and build a plan for moving out of homelessness that starts at Christmas but will continue for as long as it takes afterwards.


1,569 people
Crisis found safe and secure accommodation for in 2020-21
3.2 million pounds handed out in grants to local organisations tackling homelessness
2,047 people supported by health and wellbeing offer Christmas 2021


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