Feast With Us - Food Poverty

Since 2015 Feast With Us, based in North London, have provided regular access to nutritious meals, nutrition education and skills, for people suffering from food poverty. These meals are made from surplus food that would otherwise be thrown away. Operating across four London boroughs with a number of different locations they provide much needed food to people who, for any number of reasons, find themselves struggling to eat regular, healthy food.

Meals are cooked and eaten by volunteers and vulnerable individuals as a community, using surplus food donated by local food retailers and distributors, and those people who cannot be present to cook have meals delivered to their doors by hand, foot or bike.

It is just as much about community and support as it is food and the cooking sessions provide a friendly & safe environment where people can find the advice and empathy they need.

The Funding

Funding doesn’t just have too purely be financial and, having spent a day cooking with Feast With Us recently, we realised a great need for them is to have a reliable source for all the basic ingredients to give them confidence that they can deliver the nutritious food to their clients. It was our pleasure therefore to provide 6 months worth of grains, pulses, spices, sauces and other ingredients to keep them going. Operating over a number of different sites they are now nicely stocked up and coupled with the generous donations from other organisations they can continue with their fantastic service and provide healthy, nutritional meals to those in need.

If you would like to go along and help out or donate then contact them through the website.

Feast With Us

kg food saved per month
4,000 meals cooked per month
4 London boroughs served

Feast With Us

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