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Food Bank Aid – School’s Out, Food’s Out Campaign

We are very pleased to be assisting a wonderful initiative set up by Food Bank Aid, with their School’s Out, Food’s Out campaign to ensure that 3500 + children receive sufficient food during the difficult Summer holidays when food donations tend to diminish as families go on holiday and have additional financial strains that limit the amount of food and monies they can donate.

Food Bank Aid

The Food Aid Bank was founded by Naomi Russell and Jo Rosenblatt at the start of the pandemic in April 2020 as a direct response to the increase in numbers of people attending food banks due to the impact of covid. Although initially operating out of her garage it, sadly, soon became apparent that bigger premises were required to cope with the increasing need and they now have a food hub in North London that supplies food to 15-20 food banks helping over 10,000 people per week.


• Over £2.5m worth of goods delivered
• 40,000 items handed out weekly
• 45-50 car loads delivered per week
• 15-20 North London food banks which support 10,000+ people per week (incl 3,500+ children)
• 50+ drop off points for people to drop their food donations with ease 7 days a week
• 200+ volunteers make for a strong community led charity
• Engaging with 30+ schools and numerous community organisations to raise awareness of food poverty


To read more about this fascinating story please follow this link below

Food Bank Aid


If you would like to contribute to making this campaign a huge success then please follow the link below.

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