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The Satwikam Food Project

“A Very Happy New Year to you and the members of the Jansen Foundation!
Let me take this opportunity to convey our gratitude for the support we have been receiving from your Foundation. Till November, 2022, Satwikam was distributing foods for 16 days a month (on an average 500 plates daily). As the Jansen Foundation has started providing monthly 80 kg rice on a regular basis, from December 2022, we have been able to increase the number of services to 20 per month. With your regular support we intend to continue serving deserving beneficiaries more frequently. “
Ajay Mishra, Chief Coordinator, Satwikam Welfare Foundation

It is always great to hear that contributions, however big or small, are having a positive impact and helping those that have an immediate need for the things that we tend to take for granted such as having enough food to eat each day.

Our supplies of rice to The Satwikam Project who supply meals to hundreds of people in the slums of Delhi, who otherwise would struggle to feed themselves and their families, are gratefully received and have enabled an increase in those they can help.

Such a small outlay for us but the benefit to them is significant. Thankyou Ajay for your feedback.


Satwikam Food Project

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