Welcome to The Jansen Foundation

The Jansen Foundation  is a newly formed CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) founded by Paul Jansen.

Following many years running a successful business Paul Jansen was very keen to seek out areas where he could offer assistance to people in need.  Being an active participant rather than simply donating money is one of the key philosophies behind the foundation and so we will be trying to find existing projects or creating new ones where we can provide a service and be able to monitor the benefits.

Paul is resident in England but of Indian heritage and so hoping to divide our efforts between these two areas and our initial areas of interest will be food waste and food poverty and urban and rural sanitation.

The Jansen Foundation is very  much looking forward to being able to make a difference, however small that may be in the grand scheme of things, and enhancing the lives of people who for whatever reason may be in situations less fortunate than ourselves.

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